Pet Families

Pet Families


There are three groups of pet families, Cunning, Ferocity and Tenacity. These three groups each have their own talent trees, but all have the same stat modifiers.

Stats: +5% Health, + 5% Armour, + 5% Damage.


Talent Tree


Talent Tree


Talent Tree

There are over ten different families in each of these categories, each with its own unique skill. Once you have decided on one group, it’s time to compare abilities.

It is also worth mentioning that the damage from your pet’s abilities stacks with your Attack Power, meaning they do far more damage than you first might think.


Cunning pets tend to suit PvP due to their range of different utility abilities. However, they can make life much easier while playing through solo PvE content.


Bats have the ability to stun their target for 2 seconds. Although other pets can immobilize their target for twice the time, the target would still be able to cast where the Bats stunned target cannot. This makes the Bat good for PvP, as it can stun a player right in the middle of an essential heal, giving you some extra time to finish off your target. The only problem is the abilities long cooldown. Certain species of bat can also come in handy as being a good line of sight obstacle when enemy players are trying to target you.


Birds of Prey can be extremely useful when in PvP against melee users. A 6 second disarm can save you from a stun locking Rogue to a heavy hitting Warrior or Death Knight making them effectively useless for the duration. This tends not to be effective in many other situations though, as NPC’s tend not to deal large amounts of damage with weapons. The cooldown for this ability is also rather long.


Chimaeras cause their target move at 50% speed for a duration of 5 seconds. Although this does not sound like much, compared to a 4 second immobilize by other families, there are two things to keep in mind. Firstly, the cooldown is only 10 seconds. This means your pet will be able to have it’s target stuck at 50% speed for half the duration of a fight, close to three quarters the time with selected talents. The second point to keep in mind is that this ability will also be hitting harder your pets bite ability. This gives you a great form of crowd control as well as damage output. For any Beast Mastery Hunter this is a great choice for a PvP pet! It can also be a handy pet for PvE if you find yourself kiting a lot, slowing down the pace and making your life a bit easier.


Dragonhawks can push out extra damage to its target every 10 seconds with its ability. Half of the damage dealt is the DoT that follows the initial attack, which damages the target over 2 seconds. Although this is not greatly useful, it can be used from range with the use of the pet stay function. This can sometimes help your pet keep out of trouble while in PvP as well as raids but will largely reduce its overall damage.


Nether Rays can be useful against casters in PvP as they have the ability to give them a 2 second silence every 40 seconds. This can help prevent a critical heal or a critical piece of damage that would otherwise cost you the fight. Unfortunately this ability is only good against casters, where as other families, such as the bat, can stun their target completely for the same duration. The only difference is the cooldown. You must also keep in mind that although this ability will work well against classes who largely use one school of magic, like most healers, it won’t work as well against spell casters who use several, warlocks and mages.


Ravagers can stun their enemy for 2 seconds much like Bats. Unfortunately, they can only do so once get within melee range. What makes the ravagers ability better than the bats however is its 40-second cooldown, making it two-thirds the time of the Bats. The damage from the Ravagers attack will also be higher than that of the Bats. The disadvantages compared to the Bat are its small size and its need to be in melee range of its target at the exact the ability is needed.


Serpents can be extremely effective against spell casters with their poison spit ability. Although only useful against spells with a cast time, it will greatly slow those spells down! And with such a low cooldown, you can keep this debuff up almost permanently on your target, seriously weakening their damage output. Its Damage over Time is also very useful against rogues as it can help prevent them disappearing back into stealth. It can be cast at range, which means it can easily be applied to its target, and lastly it is a poison affect. This makes cleansing your stings off your targets that bit harder for them! A really great choice for PvP!


Silithids can web their targets to the ground, immobilizing them for 4 seconds. The target will still be able to use spells and abilities, but will be unable to move. This can be an extremely useful ability used against melee, to keep them from touching you while you attempt to finish them off. The Silithids web also causes a rather large amount of damage on top of its immobilize effect, making it that bit better.


Spiders web works much like the Silithids, the only difference being that it doesn’t cause any damage. However, unlike the Silithid, you are able to tame a Spider without being speced fully Beast Mastery. As mentioned above, the web can be great against melee, but it can also be good against casters by using line of sight. You can quite easily web your target behind a pillar, keeping them out of action while you take care of another target. You can also use web to hold your target still so that a melee friend can engage in combat with ease. The cooldown is 40 seconds, allowing you to cast it once or twice during a PvP fight. It can also be very handy while in PvE, giving you an extra 4 seconds to kill your target if you pull aggro.


Sporebats can reduce their targets armour and deal a small amount of AoE damage. The reduction in armour unfortunately doesn’t stack with other ‘minor armour debuffs’ such as Fairy Fire. This means it may not benefit your raids. The AoE damage affects everyone within 6 yards of the Sporebat at the time of casting. Unfortunately it can quite easily be moved out of, meaning players can avoid taking any damage from it at all. It seems the Sporebat is only of any use while in battlegrounds, where players may not notice the AoE affect and the armour reduction should effect players without another debuff on them already.


Wind Serpents lightning breath damage scales with your Ranged Attack Power. This makes them very high hitting pets once you have started accumulating your gear. The only downside to them is that they fall under the Cunning tree and not the Ferocity tree, meaning a different array of talents. However, Wind Serpents are still a top choice for instances and raids, especially where your pet cannot move into melee without dying, but can safely stay at range and dps.


If you can tame exotic pets, the Chimaera seems the top choice for PvP with its slowing effect and high damage output. If you don’t then the Spider seems a good choice, letting you immobilize your target. The Wind Serpent is also well worth mentioning for raids as a high damage output pet that scales with your Attack Power.


Ferocity pets are mainly used for PvE instances and raids due to their ability to really boost your damage output. However, they can be affective in PvP because of their high burst damage output.


Carrion Birds have the ability to reduce the Melee Attack Power of all targets within range by a rather large amount, as well as dealing damage at the same time. This tends to be a good ability to use while in PvP, as well as solo play, as it helps to keep you and your pet alive for longer. However it’s not a great choice for raids and instances, as the reduction won’t be noticeable to the group.


Cats and Spirit Beasts both have the prowl ability. This grants them the ability to move into stealth. This can be very handy in PvP, hiding your pet until you wish to attack. The extra damage from the first hit can also help with a speedy kill! It can also be handy while in PvE as it helps your pet to avoid pulling mobs by moving into their aggro range.


Cats can stealth with prowl but can also deal a large amount of additional damage through rake. Rake does a large amount of damage with its initial hit, but also does a fair amount of damage over time. This means even while the ability is on cooldown, its still ticking damage away! Cats are a great choice for raids and instances where you want to cause the most damage you can. They can also be a good choice for PvP, dealing large amounts of damage and having the ability to stealth.


Core Hounds can be extremely useful against casters with their ability to slow down their casting speed by 25%. This ability is very similar to the Serpents, but lasts 2 seconds longer and deals damage in a different way. Rather than applying a DoT, it deals a large amount of damage instantly. This makes Core Hounds great for PvP, having the ability to slow down casters attack speed constantly, as well as dealing large amounts of damage every 10 seconds.


Devilsaurs can deal huge amounts of damage and increase their own damage output quite significantly. If the ability is continuously used, your pets overall damage will increase by 9% after the third stack of the buff. This makes the Devilsaur extremely good in instances and raids, where your pet will be in combat with bosses for long periods of time. The additional damage that the bite causes also greatly increases the pets overall damage output.


Hyenas have their very own Wing Clip ability, but on a 20 second cooldown. This makes the Hyena very handy for PvP, allowing you to gain more distance between you and your target. The Hyena will also cause a fair amount of damage while it’s at it.


Moths increase their Attack Power and heal themselves while in combat. This can be extremely helpful while playing solo in PvE. The increase in Attack Power increases your pets damage, and the heal saves you mana from having to heal it yourself. As well as the extra damage you will be able to cause, not having to worry about healing your pet, you will no longer gain aggro from groups by healing your pet. Your pet will gain threat from its heal, helping it to AoE tank and help you avoid pulling aggro from multiple targets focused on your pet.


Raptors deal their damage much like cats. They deal a large initial hit and then cause more damage over time. Raptors do hit for more, but the abilities cooldown is much longer. There is an extra bonus to this ability however, as when this ability critically hits, the Raptors Attack Power will increase for a short duration. Raptors are a great choice for instances and raids due to their high-sustained damage output.


Spirit Beasts have the ability to stealth along with Cats. They also attack in a very similar way. They deal damage with an instant hit, but also deal additional damage 6 seconds later. The damage dealt tends to be higher than that of Cats but you have to have the ability to tame exotic pets to tame the Spirit Beast. If you are Beast Mastery, this is a top choice for raids and instances with its high damage output.


Tallstriders can cause groups of enemies to miss their next attack. This can be useful in raids and instances when pulling trash, as it gives your tank and healer a hand starting off. It can be also be effective against bosses, but it does have a rather long cooldown. It is best kept for fighting groups, but only if think you may have problems. It can also be used in PvP to defend a location, allowing large amounts of damage to be avoided by your group!


Wasps reduce their targets armour just like the Sporebat. Unfortunately for both, the debuff counts as a ‘minor armour debuff’ and will not stack with other effects such as Fairy Fire. This means they may not have much use in raids, but may do within instances. The wasp will also deal some additional damage with its sting, which builds up with its very short cooldown.


Wolves have the ability to boost theirs, and the Hunters Attack Power by twice the Wolfs level for 20 seconds. This stacks with other affects and can be kept up around half the time, with only a 40 second cooldown. This can help to boost both your damage outputs, and gives you an extra bonus to pop when using all your cooldowns. This ability works much like a ‘Use’ affect of a trinket. This makes Wolves great for instances and raids, as well as for increasing your burst damage in PvP.


If you are able to tame exotic pets, the Devilsaur or the Spirit Beast seem to be top choices for pure damage output. If you can’t, a Cat or Raptor seems to a great choice as they can still pack a punch. Moths are an honourable mention for solo play, being able to self heal and increase their Attack Power, while causing large amounts of damage to their target.


Tenacity pets are perfect for solo PvE content, because you effectively gain your own mini tank. However, they can also be great for small groups and instances as they give your party a viable off tank or even main tank!


Bears swipe all mobs within a cone in front of it, letting it gain threat from multiple targets. Unfortunately the downside to this is that many mobs will attempt to attack from behind if another mob is being targeted. This means they will avoid the bear’s swipe. Even with this problem, Bears are a great choice for AoE tanking, being one of only a few pets with the ability able to gain threat from multiple targets with their family ability.


Boars can gore their target for a rather large amount of damage, which can be doubled if used fairly soon after a charge. Although this will not keep up with ferocity pets, it can gain the Boar a huge amount of threat at the start of a pull. This makes Boar a very nice choice for PvE while soloing, as by the time you have built up enough threat to out aggro your pet, your target is dead.


Crabs can pin their target in place, just like a Spider does, for 4 seconds. The Crab will also do a fair amount of damage while doing this. Unlike the Spider, the Crab channels the ability rather than casting it instantly. The Crab will not be interrupted by damage, but will be unable to attack while channelling. This can be a great ability to use if you out aggro your pet, giving you a few seconds to finish off your target before it reaches you. It can also be handy in PvP, to keep melee away from you and let you gain more distance to fire from.


Crocolisks are perfect AoE tanks, biting back against anything that hits them. This really helps the Crocolisk to hold aggro and should let you get off some AoE attacks now and then. The cooldown is rather large at 2 minutes, but the affect will last for 45 seconds. This should let you use the ability almost every pull when fighting larger groups, or every other pull when fighting just one or two mobs. This truly is a perfect AoE tanking ability!


Gorillas can interrupt and prevent their target from casting a spell from that school of spell being cast for 4 seconds. This is effectively the same as the Nether Rays ability, only rather than dealing damage, it increases the silence affect by an additional 2 seconds and has a much shorter cooldown. This makes Gorillas really great in PvP, making life for spell casters extremely difficult.


Rhinos knock back their target and cause a large amount of damage while they are at it. This gives the Hunter a second Disengage like ability, only this time knocking your target back rather than yourself. This makes the Rhino a great choice for PvP, not just knocking its target back, but also off of objects like a pillar or a tower. The target will also take additional damage from bleed effects, which will increase damage done by shots such as Chimera Shot, amongst others, which will help to increase your damage output on that target.


Scorpids deal all their damage over time, unlike most pets that deal their damage largely though instant strikes. This can make the Scorpid a pain for healers in PvP, giving them a poison DoT they will have to cleanse. Much like the Serpent, the DoT will help hide the Hunters stings making them harder to cleanse. In PvE solo content you can try using the ability on several targets over a duration of a fight. This means you have poison ticking on several targets, dealing them damage and granting your pet more threat.


Turtles have the ability to reduce all damage done to them by 50% for 12 seconds. This makes them the toughest tanking pet, being extremely hard to kill. Although other pets may be able to cause more threat, the Turtle should be able to prove its weight and hold aggro well enough. Turtles are by far top choice when tanking elite mobs and when tanking in instances.


Warp Stalkers can instantly appear behind their target, making them the fastest pet to close in on their prey. It also means that they will avoid running into anything in-between them and their target, such as traps, making them very effective in PvP. They also have a chance of dodging the first few attacks aimed towards them, letting them build up aggro against mobs that might otherwise use some kind of stun affect on it. This makes it a good choice for solo PvE content, as it needs less healing and can build threat quickly right from the go. It also makes times between pulls shorten drastically.


Worms reduce their targets armour while spitting out nature damage. The armour reduction falls under the ‘major armour debuff’ category, making it as powerful as abilities such as Sunder Armour. This unfortunately means the effects do not stack, and as Sunder Armour has a much shorter cooldown, in raids you would expect a Warrior to deal with this. However, in raids and instances without Warriors, or where they are not inclined to do it themselves, the Worm can be extremely helpful. The reduction in armour means a huge increase of dps for that target. This can also be helpful in PvP, reducing your targets armour for an easier kill. The only disadvantage again is the cooldown, but it can make long fights turn to your advantage.


Crocolisks are the top choice for AoE tanking and Turtles make a perfect choice for single target tanking, with their damage reduction ability. Boars and Warp Stalkers are great secondary choices for solo PvE content, with their quick threat generation abilities at the beginning of fights. If you have the ability to tame Exotic pets, Worms can be an ok choice for raids without Warriors and Rhinos can make a decent companion for PvP, knocking their target away from you and possible of rather high buildings!


It’s worth keeping in mind that you can tame several pets, so you can pick a few out to suit different situations. Remember too that although different pets may appear to have similar abilities, they will have different talent trees if they fall under different categories. This can make a huge difference at what they will be good at and what their weaknesses will be.


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