Pet Scaling

Pet Scaling


Pets scale from your stats that appear on your character sheet. If a talent or spell does not directly affect these stats, it will not be scale with your pet. Other talents can directly affect the pets stats without or as well as affecting your own.


  • Pets get about 45% of the hunter’s stamina added to their stamina.
  • Pets get about 50% of the hunter’s armour added to their armour.
  • Pets get about 22% of the hunter’s ranged attack power added to their melee attack power.
  • Pets get about 7.5% of the hunter’s ranged attack power added to their spell damage.
  • Pets get about 40% of the hunter’s resistances added to their own resistances.

Hit rating is shared.
Expertise is shared.
Resilience is 40% shared.
Critical Strike Rating is not shared.
Haste is not shared.



There are three kinds of ways that your pet’s statistics can be improved. Hunter Talents, Pet Talents and Buffs. Some of these affect your pets base stats; others affect its contributed stats.

Each variety of buff and talent combinations will work differently together. Some will increase a certain stat by the amount stated; some will buff each other to increase the stat even more than stated.

The general tend is that base increases are added together and percentage increases are added together. The total base increase is added onto your pet’s stats, then that grand total is multiplied by the total percentage increase.

For example you have 5 points in Endurance Training and a Priest buffs your pet with Power Word: Fortitude.

In this example lets assume Endurance Training just increases your pets health by 10% and Power Word: Fortitude increases its stamina by 50.

Your pet starts with a base health of 5000.
Power Word: Fortitude increases the pet’s stamina by 50, adding on 500 health.
Your pet now has 5500 health.
Endurance Training increases this new total by 10%. Multiply 5500 by 1.1.
Your pet’s new health value is 6050.


Stats never scale perfectly. They can increase and decrease depending on level and stat values. There can be exceptions to how buffs and talents stack on your pet and how they transfer from you. Luckily it is not something you need to worry about. As long as you know what and what isn’t being transferred to your pet, you know what stats you need to be worried about when concerning your pet


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