Pet Skills

Pet Skills


Your Pet has more abilities than just its family’s skill. It will come with an ability to increase its damage, another to help increase threat and a last to help lose threat. More can be obtained through talents but these are what every pet will come with.

Every time your pet’s global cooldown finishes, it will always cast the lowest cost ability that’s not on cooldown. Focus Dump abilities cost 25 focus, Family Skills cost 20 focus and Threat Control abilities cost no focus.

Focus Dump Abilities

These skills are called ‘Focus Dump Abilities’ because they turn focus into damage. When other abilities aren’t being used and when enough focus is available, this ability will ‘dump’ the focus by turning it into damage.


Bite is one of the three abilities. None of them have a cooldown, letting you exchange your pet’s focus for more damage when you wish.


Claw is the second of the three. All three have a low priority, so other abilities will be used when off cooldown, if the available focus is there. These will only be cast when other active skills are on cooldown.


Smack is the last of the three. Each pet has one of the three abilities available to it, depending on family, but they are all identical. That means you shouldn’t worry over which one you want when choosing a pet.

Threat Control Abilities

These two abilities help your pet to control its threat on its target. They help to make the pet viable for different situations, so you can tank or dps with your pet with just a click of a button.


Cower lowers your pets threat on its target. This means that it’s less likely to draw aggro so it doesn’t try to tank its target. This is great for groups where your pet is DPS, because you don’t want your pet to pull aggro from the tank. It’s also free to cast, so you don’t need to worry about not having it on auto-cast! However, it’s a bad idea to have on while soloing, as you want your pet to tank its target so you don’t pull aggro. This is where you would have Growl active. Another point to watch out for is not having both Cower and Growl on at the same time, as they will cancel each other out and cause all kinds of problems.


Growl increases your pet’s threat on its target, which should help it to hold aggro. This is great skill to have active in any situation where you want your pet to tank. The threat generated does not just increase with the abilities rank; it increases with your pets level and your Ranged Attack Power. This means the more AP you have, the more threat your pet will generate. Unfortunately there is a lower limit where your pet will gain no addition threat. If you AP falls under this limit your pet will generate much less threat. The formula to find this lower limit is as follows:

RAP Threshold = (17.5 x Pet Level) – 140


It is important to have one of each skill active so that your pet can put out its maximum damage output and hold, or avoid gaining, aggro from its target. However, you must remember that you may wish to activate other abilities, and you don’t want all your threat lost before you have the chance to use them.


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