Levelling a Pet

Levelling a Pet


Pets level in a similar way to how the Hunter does, but there are several slight differences. It is well worth having your pets up to your level so they remain their most affective.

General Levelling Infomation

You cannot tame a pet that is a higher level than you. This is because pets cannot level higher than the Hunter. Once your pet reaches your level, it will continue to gain experience right up to the point where it is about to ding, and then it will stop. Once you gain a level, it will ding and continue to gain experience as before as before.

Not only can your pet cannot level higher than you, but it also can’t fall more than five levels below you. If your pet falls more than five levels behind you, it will automatically be brought up so it is exactly five levels below you. Although this does not directly affect stabled pets, as soon as you take them out of the stable they will level automatically.

Levelling Details

Your pet only gains experience from killing mobs. It will not gain experience from quests like you do. However its experience bar is much smaller than yours and it should level much faster than you do.

The best way to level a pet is to have it active at all times. It will gain experience in combat once you have killed your target, even if it hasn’t attacked itself. However, it will not gain experience if it kills its target without you attacking it, before it dies.


Your pet will not gain experience from mobs that appear grey for you, even if they would not be for the pet. Because of this, the best way to level your pet is just to do and kill what you would normally would and let it level as you go, without wasting any time on faring for the sake of it.

If you are desperate to level your pet quickly, so you can run raids and instances with it, the best solution is to find a good area to farm. The mobs should appear yellow to you and should be easy to kill, as well as respawn quickly. This should let you kill mobs quickly within a short period of time, levelling your pet quickly. Pets gain less experience while in groups, just like you do, so being in a large group to level your pet isn’t a great idea. However pairing up with someone, ideally someone who can AoE to down groups of mobs quickly, can be a good idea.


So the best way to level your pet is to just let it level as you go about your every day business. But if you want to level it quickly, then you should pick up a friend and pick a good spot to go and farm.


~ by Arty on March 14, 2009.

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