Old Site Contents

Attributes: 1. Starting Stats

Attributes: 2. What a hunter is looking for

Attributes: 3. Attribute conversion

Basics: 1. Abilities

Basics: 2. FAQ

Basics: 3. Shot Rotations

Basics: 4. Talent Spec

Basics: 5. Professions

Basics: 6. Race choice

Basics: 7. The hunter role

Pet: 1. Using the stables and different pets

Pet: 2. Training and skills

Pet: 3. Focus and cast bar

Pet: 4. Loyalty and leveling

Pet: 5. Happiness and feeding

Pet: 6. Taming a pet

PvE: 1. Shot Rotations

PvE: 2. Armour Sets

PvE: 3. Farming

PvP: 1. Arena Tactics- Beast Mastery

PvP: 2. Arena Tactics- Survival

PvP: 3. Arena Tactics- Marksmanship

PvP: 4. Gear

Raids: 1. Tactics for raids

Raids: 2. What equipment to take

Talents: 1. ‘Regular’ Specs

Talents: 2. My Talent Trees

Videos: 1. How to: Battlegrounds

Videos: 2. How to: Farm

Videos: 3. How to: Kite

Videos: 4. Arena PvP trials

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